Blood Tests Available

Our clinic is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30. Visits by appointment only.

We are a registered and recommended Phlebotomy provider for many laboratories and professional organisations including most UK kit providers.

We are the only private clinic in Carmarthenshire and South Wales to offer a centrifuge service.

Find the blood test you need along with its test number by browsing the blood test categories below or searching from our full list. Then call us on 01554 788772.

Over 1000 Serology Tests

We offer in excess of 1000 blood tests including, but not limited to, the areas below. If you are unable to find the test you are looking for on our website please get in touch as we may well be able to help you.

Extensive list of allergy tests

Vitamin Deficiency tests

World cruise verifications

Hepatitis B levels

Diabetes Checks

Well Woman Health MOT (over 100 tests)

Well Man Health MOT (over 100 tests)

Kidneys, Liver, Thyroid or Cholesterol tests

If you have an underlying health condition or would like a second opinion then please contact the Richmond Clinic to book an appointment 01554 788772.

Order a Blood Test today!

Having to wait for a doctor's appointment to get a blood test can be a real source of anxiety when you are not feeling yourself. And waiting for the results can be a long and drawn-out process.

Fortunately, we can offer an alternative. Richmond's Serology Clinic is a private serology clinic staffed with fully trained Phlebotomists (experts in drawing blood for testing) with many years' experience and a warm and friendly welcome.

Tests at your convenience

We can carry out tests on site, at your place of work or in private residences.

We provide testing services to numerous client companies including GPs, medical insurance providers, professional sports clubs, private sports clubs,  film & television locations, hospitality companies, airlines, cruise ships and of course to the general public as well.

Tests for cruise ship employees can be conducted on board on location.

Blood drawn centrifugation service

Richmond also offer a blood drawn centrifugation service.

Blood is a mixture of cells (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets) in plasma (water mixed with proteins, and various small molecules).

Many laboratory tests require the liquid part of the blood, serum or plasma - for these tests, blood samples need to be centrifuged after blood collection.

Richmond’s Serology clinic is the only private clinic in Carmarthenshire and South Wales able to offer this centrifuge service.

How To Order a Test With Us

We have a simple process that enables you to book a test and receive the results.


Find a Test

Find the test you need on our website and make a note of the name of the test and its corresponding code.



Contact Us

Contact the Serology team by phone on 01554 788772 or using our Request a Callback form below.


Pay For The Test

You will then be directed to our secure payments page to make payment.


Take The Test

After we have agreed a time and location for the test, we will explain any special instructions you  need to prepare for your blood test. You will then take the test and we will notify you as soon as the results come back.

Pay or enquire about a Blood Test

Please contact the Richmond Serology Clinic to book an appointment on 01554 788772

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