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Centrifuge Services / FunctionalDX

Our Blood Drawn Centrifugation Service is available by appointment only (as opposed to the walk-in service we offer for tests that do not require centrifugation) due to the time taken to complete the blood draw and separation. You will need to have ordered your test kit through out service partner and bring it with you to your appointment with us.

Why would a blood sample need to be centrifuged? Centrifugation is commonly used to separate components of a blood sample. Many laboratory tests require the liquid part of the blood, serum or plasma.


Centrifuge Services / FunctionalDX Available

Test Code: RN
Test Number: 1000
Test cost: £70.00
Is this test for you?: *This service is available by appointment only. This service is available for particular tests (often related to musculo-skeletal issues ) which require the separation of your blood into serum and plasma.
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